Gospel Centered Programs

Color, fun and a clear presentation of the gospel are essential in our evangelistic activities designed to reach Children with the gospel.

Christian Growth Programs

We want to see Children growing as a part of the body of Christ within a Christian family. Our edifying programs help the Children come to love their Lord and grow in their faith.

Pennies for Peru: 

An entertaining Children's show to share the gospel with Children in streets, parks, plazas and done in coordination with the local church.

Gospel Clown:

Fun clown show to present the gospel in schools, hospitals and more.

Children's Theatre:

Colorful show for the whole family presented in our anual Family Fair and soon as a Children's theatrical presentation for special events.


Vacation Bible School focused on specific themes and, entertaining and designed to help Children learn about important Bible truths.

Special Program:

Themed Children's show to present a special edifying Bible truth to the Children in churches.

Club Rallies:

Fun, fellowship and integration in a program with healthy competition between Kids and Teens Bible Clubs.

Club Opening:

Program done  by BCM to open a new Bible Club in a church and show a teachers a practical way to carry out their Bible Club meetings.